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KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates has an outstanding team of communications law specialists in Argentina and Latin America. A highly competent group of attorneys, economists and engineers are engaged full or part time in the group, which encompasses virtually all aspects of the local, provincial, national and international laws governing the media and telecommunications industry.

The firm has extensive knowledge of the government institutions that shape and administer communications regulations and policies. Our professionals include individuals who have occupied high-level positions at the CNC or legislative bodies. Others have had first-hand, inside experience working in cable companies, telecommunications firms and the equipment industry.

Because of the depth of our combined expertise, KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates can quickly and effectively help clients deal with the business, regulatory and technological demands that confront them in the marketplace.


  • Spectrum Allocation and licenses auctions
  • Local exchange and mobile competition and deregulation issues, including negotiation of interconnection agreements and resolution of inter-carrier disputes
  • All aspects of rate, tariff, and price regulation
  • Mergers and acquisitions involving regulated entities
  • Structuring operations to minimize regulation where desirable and possible
  • State approval requirements for mergers and acquisitions involving telecommunications entities
  • Rule-making processes affecting any kind of telecommunications and information services
  • Privatization of telecommunications companies
  • Access charge pricing and rules and universal service funding
  • Administrative and judicial conflicts regarding compliance with Government regulations
  • Foreign ownership limitations
  • International trade, export and import rules


oil & gas

Today KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates is developing, at home and abroad, a sophisticated, diverse and full-service energy law practice, encompassing both transactional and regulatory matters. Members of our firm have represented major companies of the energy industry on issues ranging from energy policy to tax questions to environmental and land use challenges.

Our strength lies in our knowledge of global and domestic energy markets, our broad and deep transactional experience, our commitment to efficient teamwork with our clients and our attention to their strategic considerations. Our clients’ scope includes companies, institutions and sovereign states working across the energy value chain from independent exploration and production companies to renewable energy investment funds.

KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates is prepared to deal with acquisitions and dispositions of assets, as well as the structuring of holding companies, joint ventures and privatizations.

We can also provide quality legal and business advice in the three major segments of this industry:


Oil and natural gas prices have led to robust investment in the exploration and production, including significant merger and acquisition activity. KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates can help integrated and independent exploration and production companies, as well as to investment funds and venture capitalists in these developments, as transaction advisors, regulatory experts, or in litigation and international arbitration matters.


Refiners and marketers may have opportunity or the need to upgrade facilities, expand into new markets and adjust their asset portfolios. Our lawyers can provide significant knowledge and experience in the downstream activity as transaction advisors and as environmental and land use consultants.


We have the aim to become world leaders in the development and financing of renewable energy projects. As energy markets rapidly move to embrace scalable renewable energy projects, our firm combines legal skills developed across a broad array of traditional energy expertise and combines such skills to provide renewable energy clients with a valuable experience.


public utilities regulation

KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates represents investor-owned public utilities, municipalities and other public agencies providing or planning to provide energy, telecommunications, water, cable television and transportation services to the public.

We also represent new entrants, cooperatives, customers' organizations, and regulators on those matters. Specifically, we have provided legal advice on subjects such as licenses, utility rates, services, quality of service and mandatory investment requirements.

Our attorneys and legislative advocates practice before the different regulatory entities, provincial and municipal governments and the legislative bodies, both at provincial and Federal levels.

Our experience and expertise in public utilities regulation span a broad range of subjects and proceedings, including.


  • Policy Investigations
  • Rulemaking Proceedings
  • Utility Rate Cases
  • Market Entry Authorizations
  • Mergers and Acquistions
  • Customer Complaints
  • Enforcement and Compliance Actions


investments and corporate finance

KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates have an experience of more than 10 years representing domestic and foreign companies in connection with investments in Latin America, as well as providing legal services to companies needing experienced in-house and outside counsel.


  • Cross-border investments and joint ventures
  • Financing and securities offerings
  • Taxation and business structuring
  • Public bids and auctions
  • Privatizations
  • Intellectual property protection
  • International arbitration and litigation


government affairs

The Government Affairs Group at KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates provides significant experience combined with a reputation for excellence in obtaining success for our clients.

We have been engaged in public policy advocacy since the firm's inception, and our proven record of success, combined with our solid experience and judgment, can assist you with achieving your legislative goals nationwide and in the Latin American region.

KESSELSTATT-DEPPELER & Associates not only responds effectively to the current political situation, we also anticipate new trends and changes in the political environment that could effect our clients' goals.

In light of the evolving political landscape, the multidimensional efforts of the Government Affairs Group provide clients with an integrated approach, years of proven effectiveness, and a successful overall strategy.